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Ladies' Night at Quattro's
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Ladies' Night at Quattro's
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& Swap

  • offered in Fall and Spring

  • 3-hour social event in a host home 

  • includes a "stuff swap"

  • host receives free 1-hour organizing consultation

  • light refreshments

  • tips, freebies, discussion and lots of fun

  • small registration fee



  • 3-hour workshop typically hosted by an organization or women's group

  • each attendee receives practical tools to implement quickly at home

  • can include "stuff swap" or donation collection

  • teaching, activities, discussion and lots of fun

  • registration in advance or at the door



  • 6 hours of presentations, activities, and discussions to move aspirations for your home forward

  • fun activities and group projects

  • custom workbook included

  • wonderful opportunity for women's groups and teams