My Top 10 Returns This Christmas

In the spirit of true living, here is my top 10 list of the stuff I intend to return this year:

10. I’m going to give back twenty pounds of fat because it just gets in my way, keeps me hiding behind less-than-stylish clothing, and makes me feel old.

9. I’m going to return stress. It’s not comfortable. It doesn’t fit well. And it makes me look old.

8. I’m going to send back the lie, “I’m not good enough.” It’s just not true. God says so.

7. I’m returning old ways of doing things, especially when they don't work. Mixing it up is refreshing, and change is usually an improvement.

6. I’m giving back bad belief systems -- when I see that a lie has worked its way into how I behave and believe, it's going to be called what it is and sent packing. (Example: this week, I was hearing "nobody wants what you have to offer" running through my head. What the heck?!)

5. I won’t accept the gift of other’s expectations and opinions of me in the first place, thus saving the time of having to return them.

4. I’ll give back the mode of operation that says if I've done it this way before it's probably best. I'm going to try new things, new ways, and learn.

3. I’m returning the belief that life (and holidays) will always be filled with financial tension.

2. I’m going to send back the flawed assumption that there isn’t enough time to enjoy people during the holidays.

And #1 in my Top 10 List…

1. I’m returning the idea that you and I are anything less than precious, valuable, loved, worthy, fascinating, and a gift of life to be fully enjoyed and fully known.

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