An Interesting Gratitude List

When you stare at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning, it’s rarely a pleasant experience.

But this week, I noticed something ... I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for my graying hair. Gray hair means I’m inheriting beautiful silver hair from my mom and dad. It reminds me that I’m part of an amazing family and ancestry. I’m proud of the character and values my parents and grandparents have passed on to me.

I’m grateful for the pudgy roll around my middle. Pudge means that even though we’ve gone through some tough financial squeakiness, we’ve never been without food. Or clothing. Or a roof over our heads.

I’m grateful for the bags under my eyes. It means I’ve been engaged, invested, and active in my passion. Speaking, leading worship, puttering around my house, making gifts, writing . . . and some of these get me so wrapped up that I stay up late because I love doing it. Feeling a deep sense of satisfaction about the purpose of my life is well worth the short seasons of little sleep.

I’m grateful for full to-do lists and full calendars. Reaching capacity means I’ve plugged in. I’m not hiding any more because I’ve found meaningful work to do, whether paid or volunteer. The benefits of subsequent relationships, ministry, impact, and contentment far outweigh the cost of my busy schedule.

I’m grateful for my angst due to having so many house guests this holiday. Angst simply reminds me that I don’t look forward to the upcoming chaos . . . because they’re all coming. They want to be here. Our girls and their friends enjoy spending time with us at our house. I’m so grateful that our family wants to be with us and that they love coming to our home. A little chaos is short-lived. The gift of connecting with my people is priceless.

So this graying, pudgy, tired, busy, angst-y woman is grateful. So grateful ... which honestly melts a lot of that angst away.

Have a great and grateful holiday.

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