How to Fold Panties

Thank you, lovely model, for inspiring us to wear fabulous under garments.

But let's be real... I'm not that adventurous when it comes to undies. Cotton and Coverage are my best friends.

For me, folding panties falls into the same category as ironing sheets… and I never thought I’d do it. (Sorry to disappoint anyone who imagined I wear that lacy stuff but I. Just. Can't.)

I started folding my panties and realized the amazing space-saving advantage, ability to see every pair at a glance, and the ability to choose the pair I want without having to dig.

1. So here we go… folding panties. I’m giddy! I’ll demonstrate with the “lay them on a flat surface” approach, even though I can even do this blindfolded by now.

2. Fold each side toward the middle/front in thirds.

3. Once both sides have been folded toward the center/front…

4. Fold the panties in half bottom toward top.

5. All panties get vertically stored with their final fold toward the top, lined up front to back in your underwear drawer.

This only works if you typically have enough panties to fill the space. If you only have a fewer pairs, use a shoe box in your drawer. The containment of the box sides will allow your panties to stand in a row without falling over. This method allows you to see every pair and "let your fingers do the walking" when you're trying to select and pull out the pair you need. It takes up less space, they're accessible and visible. Voila!

Folding panties? I’m a total fan.

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