Scary Clutter

Since today is Halloween, it only seemed right to talk about scary clutter.

On the scale of messes I've encountered in my 12+ years of organizing, I can honestly say I've only seen extreme clutter a couple of times. Both were hoarding situations.

But the scariest clutter I've experienced looks like this: I show up for an organizing appointment, expecting to help the customer purge and streamline their possessions, create systems that will ease their flow of life and minimize cleaning time, and support them with a better fit for their lifestyle.

Instead, I get the instructions, "I don't want to get rid of anything. Please just make it all fit."

Just make it all fit.

That's kind of like telling a photographer to make you look 50 pounds thinner without using PhotoShop. It can be tough to do. Not impossible. Just tough.

The Laws of Physics apply to all of us. We each live in finite space. We each have 24 hours in a day. We all experience limitations in our energy, emotional capacity, finances, and knowledge/experience. As an organizer, I will always give every effort to make a customer happy with their results, applying all I know about space management and systems that will improve accessibility and function.


There comes a point when I find that a teachable heart is the most important factor in successful organizing of a home or office or any other part of life. When I'm asked to only "make it all fit" (which I will do to the best of my ability), there is no compunction on the part of the customer to change, learn, or grow.

When I witness no willingness to learn, a fear of change, a clinging to physical possessions that are actually hindering or damaging your life, relationships, and ability to function... that is scary clutter. And it has nothing to do with your house or your possessions. It's all about the heart.

I know it can be scary. Sometimes the stuff in our homes represent pain, loss, and memories that are deep. Other times, our possessions represent shame or embarrassment. But I believe that you are more important than all of that.

And I believe with all my heart that your heart and home can be healthy, balanced, peaceful, free, and fully alive with all the life and love you want.

And I am happy to help you sort through it -- even if you're scared.

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