Gifts That Prevent Clutter

It's my birthday week.

And as much as I need clothing, makeup, and would enjoy some new jewelry, I have no real longing or desire for another thing.

Maybe I'm just old enough that things are no longer sparkly and enticing. I want more.

Let me explain.

When my husband turned sixty, he made a request. He asked partially due to the fact that we were downsizing and trying to sell our home (staged at all times and as clutter-free as possible) and also due to the fact that sometimes you just don’t need more stuff.

He asked that his gifts be consumables or experiential in nature. An outing. A great bottle of wine. A gift certificate to a restaurant for a nice evening out, or just an invitation to spend an evening together.

Think about the awesome advantages of these clutter-free gifts—for any age, any gender, or any season of the year:

  • You can gift within your budget… you decide.

  • Your emotional impact and “memory-making” potential increases.

  • The value of time with you—gifting a coffee date, or taking someone out on a picnic—means the gift is really time with you, not the food.

  • You can make a gift, or present fruit of your labor… or actual fruit. (I received a papaya once and it was a wonderful treat, and so thoughtful.)

If you have difficulty with clutter, consider requesting gifts that won’t add to the pile. You may know friends or family members who struggle with clutter, so consider giving gifts that bless without mess.

And remember that time is one gift that is truly precious, non-renewable, and meaningful. Offering the gift of time spent with those you love and enjoy is one of your best clutter-free gifts!

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