Quick Tip: Wheels!

I’m a big fan of wheels. Utility carts on wheels. Shelving units on casters. Hand trucks for moving furniture. If I could design a bookcase on wheels, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I love wheels.

Anytime you can create versatility in your systems, it’s a good thing.

When shelves in a closet, pantry, or bookcase are adjustable, bonus. When a shelving unit is on wheels, fabulous. When a kitchen island or mammoth tool chest rolls, I'm giddy.

Wheels provide greater ease and flexibility while providing storage. With wheels, you can:

  • Move the unit for rearranging

  • Move the unit for cleaning

  • Move the unit for easier loading and unloading

So if you’re considering a purchase of shelving for the garage, a large tool chest, a plant stand for a large house plant, a toy chest, a shelving tower for your kitchen, consider a purchase that includes wheels or casters.

It makes life infinitely easier, and cleaning that much faster!

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