Imperfect Organizing

I met with a friend of mine for coffee. She told me how she found an online organizing class that looked interesting. As she explored the topics and saw the photos on the website, she saw gleaming containers, labels on everything, and such extreme order that she felt discouraged instead of inspired.

I agree. Perfection and "being organized" are not one and the same.

Pinterest has ruined us in the best possible way. Now don't get me wrong, I adore Pinterest as a resource for ideas, how-to's, and dreaming! But after gazing at photos of gorgeous perfection in everything from spice racks to perfect parties, it's easy to get discouraged.

I love viewing photos of polished, serene, gleaming panoramas of what my house could look like . . . if I didn't work, had a cleaning lady, no children, no pets, and lived alone. Those sparkling images are great for building up hope and inspiration . . . while the reality of life, your current season of life, your time, budget, and energy may not support those ideas. Yet.

So, if you're discouraged about your home, that's okay. Look for great ideas on Pinterest. Look for online courses or videos to learn how to better organize your

closet. Seek help for getting rid of your clutter. Read a great how-to book.

But keep a balanced vision of what the end result will be.

Being organized isn't an achievement. It's a lifestyle. It's about you being freed from the tangle of life's stuff so you can live the life you love.

When I go to my kitchen towel drawer, it's not picture perfect. I live in my house. So does my husband. We move and groove and dash and relax and host guests and travel. Any one of those will wreck a picture-perfect picture.


The beauty of being truly organized is that you can:

  • recover quickly from messes

  • find what you need, when you need it

  • easily make room for unexpected visitors, purchases, projects

  • express your version of "being organized" in a way that fits you best

  • change your systems as your needs change

  • clean easily and quickly

  • relax without feeling like you're tied to a system that doesn't let you breathe

  • feel free to live -- truly live -- in your own home

An organized home is comfortable, easy to work with, and is a fitting expression of your personality and style. The home supports you and your life. It's a picture of you relaxing, working, enjoying, crafting, learning, growing, being everything you want to be. Because your home supports you and your life.

The goal of organizing is not a perfect home -- it's a home that fits you perfectly.

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