The Rolling Helps

The military, frequent travelers, and “Galaxy Quest” already know the secret… the rolling helps.

One of my favorite tricks to save space in linen closets and dresser drawers is to roll clothing

instead of folding it. A perfect example is night gowns or camisoles/tanks.

  • You can fit many more items in a small amount of space

  • You can keep all the items visible at once

  • You can see every item, its color, and pull exactly which one you want without having to dig.

  • Rolling takes as much time as folding or hanging, so it doesn’t add time to your laundry routine.

My youngest stepdaughter has about 5 million tank tops. Okay, slight exaggeration, but I do know she still wears tanks from her middle school days. Some of those tanks just don’t die.

To keep her tanks in order, one day I decided to try rolling them and placing them on end in a cube bin. It worked! Each tank was rolled, stacked neatly in the bin, then I turned the bin on its side for easy viewing. Now she can clearly see each color and pull out what she needs.

We did the same thing with her t-shirts in a drawer that was rather small. That way, she can more easily identify the t-shirt and pull out her choice without disturbing the pile.

Rolling can also be used to help distinguish between different categories of clothing. If I have tank tops I wear to bed, I roll beginning at the shoulders, ending with the hem. If I have lace camisoles, I roll starting with the hem, rolling toward the straps which allows the lace to show and lay flat against the roll. I can quickly tell with one glance that the nightwear things are my cami’s.

We roll our beach towels and stand them vertically in a bin at the bottom of our linen closet. I roll my kitchen towels AND my aprons so they all fit in one kitchen drawer.

The rolling helps! How have you used rolling to save space or time?

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