9 Keys to an Organized Home

I could tell you how to fold towels. Or I could show you 5 ways to streamline your kitchen. I could even offer you tips for taming your paperwork, the #1 form of clutter everywhere.

In this post, however, But I’d rather tell you about the most important principles for building a home that fits you — a home that reflects your heart and supports your life.

  1. Establish your culture. (Or a culture will establish itself.) If you don’t like the one you have, change it.

  2. Decide who you are and where you’re headed. Measure everything against that. Furniture, clothing, keepsakes, décor, the way you live your life. If your Stuff doesn't support who you are and where you’re headed, its just taking up space.

  3. Question everything. Ask of every item, “What gives you the right to be in my house? Do you represent who I am NOW?”

  4. Everything needs a home. This isn’t rocket science. Does it make sense for item “X” to live where it lives? Again, question everything.

  5. Nothing accidentally walked into your house. Own your responsibility for contributing to the mess, even if it means you stood by and let it happen.

  6. Do you actually use, like, and need, all that stuff? Could someone else use it instead? Share good stuff with people who need it and will use it now.

  7. Indecision creates clutter. Indecision produces mediocrity and ineffectiveness. Be intentional. Decide to decide.

  8. Life is too short to spend it serving stuff, allowing it to drain and distract you. Stuff is here to serve you, not the other way around.

  9. If you’re stuck, ask for help.

This is your life. It's your house. Make it fit you and the way you love to live.

And that's really the point of organizing -- freeing you up to truly live!

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