Back to School for Moms

It’s time to go back to school for moms. Yes, for kids too, but the beginning of the school year is a big deal for mom.

Somewhere between buying supplies, expanding wardrobes for growing legs and feet, filling out and signing a small forest’s worth of papers and forms, learning new rules for new schools and new routes for carpools, and fees, and fees, and fees… there’s hardly room in the schedule for shedding tears.

Kids leaving home for school is a big deal. Being there when they come home is a big deal.

If you go through some feelings of loss, don’t dismiss it or tell yourself you shouldn’t be bothered by this change. Your children are growing up. They are gaining independence. They are “leaving you” in tiny increments and that can be very unsettling.

My recommendation for you is that you carve out some time for yourself. The kids have lots of excitement and new stuff, but so do you. Try to connect with your best friend, your husband, with your heart. Connect with God. Cry, sigh, and do what you need to do to walk through the change. Go in the bathroom and lock the door to take a long bath. Go for a walk at 5:00 a.m. Do whatever it takes to have time to yourself.

If your youngest started school, enjoy the time you have for yourself now that the house is yours again… in between carpool, making lunches, programs, lessons, ball practice, homework, medical records, braces, football, parent-teacher conferences…

Hang in there. You’re doing great.

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