Hang Pictures with Sticky Notes

Easy picture-hanging using …


Believe me, I found it totally intimidating to put holes in a wall, trying to figure out spacing and balance until I realized that any hole in any wall can be fixed. I got tired of marking up walls, and hate doing math and measuring so when it comes to small, framed pictures, I created a simple solution!

1. Hold the picture frame up to the wall where you want to hang it. While holding it in the desired location, place a sticky note on the wall, “diamond style” so the bottom corner points to the top center edge of the picture frame.

2. Use a second sticky note and apply the adhesive edge to the top of the frame, aligning the edge of the paper with the edge of the frame. Place this sticky note so the left or right edge runs down the center of the “hanger.” Draw a line on the sticky that will indicate exactly where a nail will need to hit the center of the “hanger.” You’ve just “measured” the distance from the top center of the frame down to where the nail needs to be.

3. Peel the second note off the frame and place it on the wall, its top corner touching the point of the first sticky note. Tap a small nail into the wall directly beside the small mark you made on the second sticky… the indicator for where the nail needs to go. Once the nail is in, peel the “nail indicator sticky” off the wall.

4. Hang you picture on the nail. If all went smoothly, the top edge of the picture should center on the original sticky pointer. If you’re satisfied, peel off the sticky pointer.

TA DA! You just hung a picture on the wall …

  • without a measuring tape

  • without marking on the wall

  • and you probably got it right the first time

Happy hanging!

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