Like I needed another reason to feel rejected this year. I've had an interesting series of less-than-encouraging events this year and at the end of long string, I bumped into my old nemesis, Not Good

Enough. I was caught off-guard by his reappearance, especially when he wasn't invited.

There he stood, right beside me, whispering, "You didn't get the position because you're not qualified." Not qualified enough to get the job I thought was a good fit. Not qualified enough to pursue executive level administrative work because I don't have the right experience. I knew I had a really bad case of "unqualified" when I found myself thinking, "Wow, I'm not even qualified to be a mommy blogger because I've never had children of my own." As soon as I heard myself muttering that line, I knew I needed to adjust my perspective.

I remembered the words of pastor Don Finto, "God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called."

Looking at my life and the things I love most about life, I realize that I may not be qualified for many things. Most of what I do well is very unconventional. My history of success has always been in a creative form of trying something new. Every time I attempt to form myself into the shape of a traditional l pursuit, I end up feeling puckered and frustrated, and I want to create something better or different. Seeing this pattern really helped me to understand that I am qualified . . . qualified to be my version of work, play, and loving others. When I measure myself with a standard that is corporate or traditional, I feel disqualified every time.

If you've felt unqualified lately, check your track record. Where are your successes? When do you feel most content and satisfied? Maybe you are unconventional. Why force yourself to conform to a traditional form? Enjoy your unique wiring and tell ol' Not Good Enough to go for a long walk off a short pier.

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