Kissin' or Kickin'

Try this exercise: Look around your home and begin to mentally ask each possession, “Are you kissin’ me, or kickin’ me?”

Sounds odd, no doubt, but there is validity to the question. Everything in your home is either supporting you or draining you. You are either gaining benefit or feeling the drag of dead weight from each item in your house.

If you view your home through the filter of what's most important to you, you'll see how possessions meet your own standards. Some items are extremely valuable, a great fit for who you are and where you're headed. Others belongings are sentimental in value and bring good memories. Still others fall into the kickin’ category—they're just one more thing that managed to find its way into your house.

You don’t know what to do with it, don’t really want it, but haven’t decided if it stays or goes.

This is the focus of today’s target: If it’s kickin’ you, kick it back—straight into a donation bin. Or into the trash. Or put it in your car right now so you can return it to its owner.

What’s kickin’ you? What’s kissin’ you? (I highly recommend kissing any day!)

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