Organizing Secrets: Wrapping Extension Cords

Telling you how to wrap an extension cord is perhaps not one of the more exciting posts I've written. However, it makes me deliriously happy to work on an organizing project and find a tangled mess of extension cords... and know what to do!

Here is my step-by-step for wrapping a cord without having to use a twist tie, rubber band, or anything... the cord holds itself!

1. Begin by holding the end of the cord that has the female end of the plug.

2. Loop the cord back and forth while grasping the center until you have about 12-16 inches of cord left for wrapping around the center.

3. Use the last section of remaining length of cord to wrap flatly around the midsection (where you were grasping it earlier). Keep tension on the cord while you wrap until you reach the male end of the cord.

4. And now the cool finish... choose one of the loops at the end of the bundle and tuck the prongs of the cord into the loop so the prongs straddle the loop like dental floss between buck teeth. The cord holds its position against its own tension of being wrapped and tucked.

This method works for long and short lengths of extension cords. Happy wrapping!

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