Organizing Secrets: Using Texture

Purses are awesome.

They are a fashion statement, a functional tool, an expression of your mood, the season . . . and just like your house. If the stuff in your purse doesn't reflect you or support your life, why is it in your purse?

Think about it. Your purse has zones, just like rooms in your house. A purse has an “office,” a “powder room,” a “healthcare center,” and a “communications center.” If you have children, there is also an area called, “child care.”

Here’s my approach to a well-organized purse.

  1. Weed out the trash and toss it.

  2. Identify all the items you need/use and put them into groups of like kinds. For example, collect lip gloss and lip sticks, receipts, loose change, kid supplies, wallet/billfold stuff.

  3. Once you have your piles separated, assess how much room you need to store them in your purse.

  4. Use zipper bags or Ziploc baggies (which I love because they’re transparent!), and the compartments built into your purse, and store your groups in their most appropriate "container."

And now here is my secret: Make the zipper bags differ in texture! Here's why . . .

Picture yourself driving home from vacation in the minivan, late at night and you need to find your Advil in your purse but your overhead light doesn’t work. Can you easily find your Advil without light? If you’re at the movie theater, in the middle of an intense scene, can you find your breath mints just be your sense of touch?

I love using zip bags with different textures so I can find stuff I need in the dark. That’s how I know where to find my earplugs, gums, or Advil. I know my earbuds are in the velvety brocade. My cosmetics are in the quilted bag. And canvas fabric bag holds my spare contacts and solution. Eyeglass case is hard plastic so I can distinguish any of them simply by reaching into my purse. With one touch, I pull out the bag I need -- without looking!

What works inside your purse?

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