Organizing Secrets: The BFF

Here's an organizing version of BFF -- When folding jeans, bed or bath linens (bulky items), stack them with the "Big Fat Fold" all facing the same direction in the stack. (The last fold you make is the BFF.)

Here is why I love the Big Fat Fold...

  • You can easily count how many towels or jeans you have in a stack.

  • You can easily grab one item and distinguish by touch that you have grabbed only one.

  • It gives a nice, finished look to your stacks.

When you line up items vertically like panties, the BFF remains at the top so your row of panties is easy to identify by color and easy to grab. If you are stacking your items, the BFF faces front like the photo at right.

Try stacking towels, jeans, even diapers with the folded edge out. It will save you some time and looks great, too!

Here is a video that shows you just how fab the BFF is!

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