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(615) 394-4525

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  • A 1-hour walk-through with you onsite (or Skype or Facetime outside a 30-mile radius or out-of-state locations)

  • We brainstorm ideas and solutions, customized to your preferences. I give you every idea I have!

  • I recommend closet design or storage design in other spaces like pantries, linen closets, home offices, laundry rooms, etc.

  • After the walk-through, I work up to 1.5 hours creating a written recommendation list which is sent to you afterward including checklists, photos, links, and resources

  • This initial assessment is perfect as a first appointment. You can follow the checklists and do the organizing yourself, or choose one of my organizing packages and we'll set an appointment when I'll work with you. We'll purge, sort, and put everything into place together.


MOMENTUM     $199

  • 3 hours

  • I work with you

  • Enough time to tackle a single closet, a pantry, a linen closet, or a bathroom. You can learn the process and gain momentum.



  • A 6-hour day of organizing

  • I work with you

  • Great for making real headway in larger projects, or completely finishing off 2 smaller projects

RELOCATION     $75/hr. 

  • The best time to organize and purge is BEFORE you move!

  • I can help you stage your home if you're trying to sell it

  • I help you determine which items to keep or part with

  • I help you pack

  • I can help you plan the room arrangements for your new home before you get there

  • I can even help you unpack

COACHING     $75/hr.

  • You do the work while I provide strategy

  • After our Initial Meeting & Assessment, we discuss options, and then I assign homework, scheduling subsequent appointments to check on progress and assign the next steps

  • You are only charged for my actual on-site time, and email or phone time I spend on your coaching

  • This is an economical approach and works well for virtual organizing across the miles