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(615) 394-4525

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The best of both! I offer the experience and skill set of an organizer with the heart of a teacher.


My first priority is to understand your needs. My goal is to shape your home to meet those needs. You and I figure out what belongs in your home, the best use of your space, and how to make it look great, getting rid of what no longer fits your life (or house), and highlighting the stuff you love.

If you're stuck and don't know where to begin, I'll walk you through assessing your values and priorities to help you articulate a clear vision for what we're organizing toward.

Together, we shape a home you love that loves you back.

How satisfying when your home represents what you love and supports the way you enjoy living!

We'll look at your space together, simplify and organize to support the way you enjoy living, shaping your home to fit you.

& Coaching

If you want to do the sorting and purging yourself, but need fresh perspective and strategy, coaching or consultation may be the best solution for you.

To learn the difference between a Consultation or hiring me as a Coach, click here.

& Relocation

Moving? I can help you pack. Selling? I can help you simplify (packing away the non-essentials) and do basic staging to show your home. 

I can help you plan your spaces in your new home, room arrangements, and purge before you pack so you arrive with the best of your stuff ... instead of extra baggage.


I can also assist you with unpacking and setting up your new home.


Maximizing the use of your space is critical for spacious homes, and tiny apartments.

I can design your closet makeover to help you utilize every bit of your closet space ... and we'll make sure that everything living in your closet has earned the right to stay there!