Our process begins with an initial meeting to walk through the space you'd like to simplify, and learn more about your vision and preferences. We'll determine your priorities: purging, simplifying, maximizing storage, or installing a new system like changing shelving in a garage or closet. I will make my recommendations and we'll set a date for your first appointment.

Our first appointment is typically a small project or the first stage of a larger project. You can be involved in the process working with me, or give me clear parameters and I'll do the work myself, getting your approval before anything is donated or installed. 

As you live with your freshly organized space, you'll soon learn what works for you and what doesn't. It's normal to tweak each systems as we go.


The end result is simple, clean, and organized ... a peaceful home that provides you with great living space, and requires less maintenance.

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Big Fat Fold (BFF)
Office Organizing
Big Fat Fold (BFF)
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