Let's get acquainted!

Here is my approach to organizing: helping you connect your heart to your home.

Closet Organizing Basics

Walk with me through the basic steps of sorting and organizing your closet, especially when you have the "one shelf/one rod" kind, like me!

Containers and Categories

Choosing the right containers has a lot

to do with breaking down your categories.

Here's how!

The Big Fat Fold (BFF)

Folding makes a big difference, 

and here's one way to simplify and

beautify your shelves and drawers.

No More Wire Hangers

Or plastic bags, either.

Fixing a Poorly Designed Closet

If your closet was designed badly in the first place,

here are some basics you need for redesigning.

How to purge!

Watch me sort through my scarves, battling every argument you probably encounter when you try to decide what goes and stays.

Maximizing Storage in Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets are challenging.

Here is what I do with mine and how 

I walk through the process of what lives where.

The Shopper's Vow

Here is my rendition of "The Shopper's Vow" from My Intentional Life. A great reminder for when we're shopping -- and to be mindful of

how much stuff we bring home!

Starting Your Filing System

Everyone thinks differently ... so why should you file like everyone else? Here is a simple approach for creating a filing system for you and the way you think.

More about My Intentional Life

If you home overwhelms you,

it's time to simplify and connect

your heart to your home.

All about my approach to organizing!